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About Us
About Elsham Company

Your description textEl Sham company for jeans washing and cotton processing was established at Halab, Syria in 1985. and since this time we are specialized in the field of jeans processing and all kind of cotton products. in the beginning of the new millennium  the year of 2000 the company moved to Cairo, Egypt that’s because it’s the biggest city in the Meddle East. to achieve the best technical success with all our technical experience and mass production, and since this time we are developing our  quality of production by using the best foreign experience in the field of jeans and cotton processing with all it’s new technical support.

A Word Of Chair Man

The continuous researches about what’s new in the labs and connecting withe the biggest specialized expects makes us see the jeans like gold, the blue gold. that’s because what it needs from experience and art, now our research and work makes us in a level we are proud of and that’s according to the certification of our Egyptian and foregner clients, to reach to top and keep this success considering our clients trust, we wouldn’t stop looking for the development and creativity of the art technology of jeans and garment processing in Egypt, that’s why we El Sham company put more than 20 years of experience in the Egyptian market to compete with the local product in the worldwide market.

Company Productivity

We have the high level of production and technical support, our production lines daily produce around 25 Tons from wet processing and 20,000 piece from the dry processing by using the new technical system to achieve the worldwide quality standards.

Our Quality Standard

El Sham company departments with all it’s engineers is ready to provide the market with trust and stability according to the highest quality standards in all the production steps to make the worldwide and Egyptian client feel comfort, our company have the best designers to provide the Egyptian market with the latest fashion lines and the best technical standards, El Sham company and all the stuff promise to continue work to level up the Egyptian production to compete the worldwide product in design and quality.


What We Do?

The company specialized in all the different kind of processing services, we provide the Reactive, Direct and Pigment Dyeing and also the dry process department which is full of all technical from the Sand Blasting, Spraying and Crash press machines, to achieve the best quality and up to date fashion.

Our Vision

providing the market with trust able and stable products according to the highest quality standards in all the production steps to make the worldwide and Egyptian client feel comfort

Our Mission

our goal to continue provide the market with the newest fashion lines as well as our quantitative and qualitative method would not be affected , to keep denim manufacturer in the lead .