Emil Abdulahad Saydeh CEO, Chair Man, Founder CEO, Founder and Chair Man

A word of Chairman

The continuous researches about what’s new in the labs and connecting with the highest specialized expects makes us see the jeans like gold, the blue gold. that’s because what it needs from experience and art

Now our research and work makes us in a level we are proud of and that’s according to the certification of our Egyptian and foreigner clients

To reach to top and keep this success considering our clients trust, we wouldn’t stop looking for the development and creativity of the art technology of jeans and garment processing in Egypt

That’s why we El Sham company put more than years of experience in the Egyptian market to compete with the local product in the worldwide market

Our Team

Khalid Jassim

Manager, Production line

Emad Victor

Accounting, Manager Board Member

Abdulahad Saydeh

Development, Manager Developer Manager

Mohamed Hammam

Human Resource

Mohamed Salah

Human Resource

Ayman Nabil

Customer Services

Ayman Atef


Amr Khlousy

Information Technology IT.Manager & System Administrator

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The company specialized in all the different kind of processing services, we provide the Reactive, Direct and Pigment Dyeing and also the dry process department which is full of all technical from the Sand Blasting, Spraying and Crash press machines, to achieve the best quality and up to date fashion.

Egypt, El Oubor City, 1st Industrial Zone, 34 Street Block 13013, Piece 16


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